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The ancient stress-relief method

Acupressure mat stands for high quality

The acupressure mat is right for anyone who wants to have more energy! If you are

stressed out, sleep poorly, have low energy, muscle tension, stiffness, headache, back or

neck pain, or simply need a better and more complete rest, then the acupressure mat

could be the thing for you.

All of the contact points on the acupressure mat spiked flowers are calibrated, which

means that all of the contact points are just as effective/sharp. You can choose between

two colors: olive green and purple.

Get going with your acupressure mat!

General: Carefully lay down on the acupressure mat. For the first 3-5 minutes you will

most likely experience certain discomfort. The pain eventually subsides. Breathe deeply

in a calm manner and relax. Distribute your weight evenly over the contact points. If you

think it’s too uncomfortable, place a thin cloth between your body and the mat. You will

gradually become more and more acclimated. Then you can use the acupressure mat

without a protective layer.

As humans we all have a different sensitivity to pain and certain medical conditions can

make us more sensitive. But even those with a low pain threshold can use the acupressure

mat to their advantage. It then becomes especially important to listen to the signals of

your body and place something between the mat and your skin if the discomfort is too

Days 1-4 we recommend about 10 minutes of use. Try it in the middle of the day. Certain

individuals become tired after the use and fall asleep the first chance they get. Other

people feel like they get an energy boost immediately after the use. This adjusts once you

starting using the mat more frequently.

Days 5-14 we recommend about 20 minutes of use. Use the mat at bedtime. If you fall

asleep, that’s ok. Relax and let yourself nod off. It’s important that you not try to

concentrate too much at how long you lay there. The most important thing is to relax. It

doesn’t matter if your total time on the mat is more than 20 minutes. Remove the mat

when you wake up and go back to sleep. Hopefully you’ll eventually feel that you awake

more refreshed and with more energy for the day ahead.

After 14 days you will have learned a lot about the acupressure mat and the effects is has

on you. You can then prolong the time on the mat. Try 20-40 minutes. It doesn’t matter if

you lay longer than that. Some individuals take breaks from the acupressure mat for short

periods of time, while the majority seems to use it daily for maximum effect.

Material & Care

Storage: It is a good idea to roll up the mat and keep it in a dry and safe place, out of

reach of children.

Cleaning: You can clean the acupressure mat with warm water. Take out the foam

rubber mattress. Use soap and clean it by hand. Let the mat drip dry.

The acupressure mat is made of 100% cotton.

The spiked flowers are made of 100% non-toxic ABS plastic.

Travel: Remove the foam rubber pas and only take along the cloth part. That way the

acupressure mat doesn’t take up so much space in your suitcase and you can simply place

the cloth directly on you bed mattress. Many people have a hard time sleeping when

they're away from home. The acupressure mat can help you get a better night's sleep,

even when you are on the road.

Basic Positions

Back – Lay down on an even surface. If possible place a pillow under your neck. This

stimulates acupressure points along the spine and can soothe back problems.

Stomach – Lay on your stomach. This can improve metabolism and loosen tightness in

the diaphragm and respiratory muscles.

Jaw – Lay down carefully with your cheek against the mat. If this feels unpleasant, use a

thin sheet. This position can loosen tightness in the neck and jaw.

Seat – You can use the mat on a regular chair, or lie down and place the mat under your

buttocks. This position can loosen tension in the lumbar region and buttocks.

The acupressure mat for increased well-being

The acupressure mat is for everyone, for increased well-being and optimal health.

When you lie down on the plastic contact points on the acupressure mats flowers and

distribute your weight evenly, you will feel some temporary pain. The pain subsides and

endorphins and oxytocin are released. The body’s own pain reliving and happiness

hormones rush into your body. Many users experience good, salubrious effects as a result

of regular using the acupressure mat.

Under what conditions should you not use the mat?

Skin conditions, open wounds and during pregnancy


“The healing art of acupressure goes back thousands of years in time, and has its roots in

eastern medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine there are 365 acupressure points along

the twelve meridians of the body. By stimulating the pressure points, therapists say that

they physiologically move and thing out the lactic acid and carbon monoxide which has a

tendency to collect in muscle tissue. It’s this, they claim, that causes muscle stiffness and

a general sluggishness in the blood. In turn, this stiffness affects the nerves, as well as the

blood and lymph vessels, which in turn affect the skeleton and the internal organs”.

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